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Model # 102

The Vélo Combo 102 is a light, strong, watertight fibreglass cargo box on which a two-bike rack can be attached, suitable for road or mountain bikes. It ‘s equipped with either a swivel or fixed mount, depending on your needs. Its two doors open from the middle outward. It is especially suitable for class B, B+ and C recreational vehicles. This product comes with a trolley that can be dismantled, which can be used to carry and put away the cargo box.


64″ x 24″ x 20″
(1,62 m x 0,61 m x 0,50 m)

Volume capacity

17 cubic feet (500 litres)


140 lbs (63 kg)

Load capacity

150 lbs (68 kg) including the bikes weight

Easy to install and disassemble, the cart is greatly appreciated for storage. After several kilometers, I didn't hear any knocking noise. Wonderful product and plenty of storage space.

M. Roy, Québec, Canada

Model # 202

The Vélo Combo 202 is an aluminum cargo box with a powder coated paint finish, on which is fixed a bike rack for two electric or other type of bikes. Its bike-holding system is attached to the top and the back of the cargo box for added stability. Waterproof, sturdy and lightweight, it features a swivel or fixed mount that allows access to the RV’s rear doors without removing the bikes. It has one downward-opening door. It is suitable for Class B, B+ and C recreational vehicles equipped with a Class 3 hitch capable of supporting 500 lbs. This model comes with a storage carrier.

Interior Dimensions

59.5″ x 18.5″ x 19.5″
deep on sides


58" X 18"

Volume capacity

12.5 cubic feet (350 litres)


Approx. 200 lbs ( 90 kg )

Load capacity

200 lbs ( 90 kg )
including a maximum
of 120 lbs in bikes

Available colors

Black, white, medium gray or silver

Unparalleled installation service from people who know their product well.

M. Roy, Québec, Canada

Model # 302

Product under development: additional information to come.

The Vélo Combo 302 will allow you to store one or two bikes inside the cargo box.  It will be especially suitable for class B, B+ and C recreational vehicles.